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RPG Bookclub

Welcome to the RPG Bookclub, a podcast where we play a little bit of a videogame, and talk about how it makes us feel.

RPG Bookclub is Sam Allmon, Elias "Sailor Eli" Warren, and Maddy Webbon. Join us each week as we discuss an approximately 6 hour chunk of an RPG we think deserves to be spotlit.

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May 2, 2022

Maddy, Sam, and Bernard update new listeners on the changes since we've started, and give a guide as to how best to enjoy the podcast.








Year 4's Intro/Outro Music is "Trading Village of Redmont" from Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, by...

Dec 18, 2021

In Eli's Last podcast as co-host, Maddy, Eli, and Sam rapid-fire review all 20 main games, and 15 of our bonus games, spending no longer than 3 minutes on each review.

There are also tons of other surprises in store on this PACKED episode, so definitely check it out.

Please continue to follow Eli's exploits here:

Jan 30, 2018

Maddy, Eli and Sam sit down after our first full year on the podcast, and talk about our favorite moments, and re-introduce listeners to the podcast, and what to expect over the first year and beyond.





Sailor Eli


The views of the Blizzard Entertainment employees on this podcast...