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RPG Bookclub

Welcome to the RPG Bookclub, a podcast where we play a little bit of a videogame, and talk about how it makes us feel.

RPG Bookclub is Sam, Bernard, and Trish! Join us each week as we discuss a videogame, one bite at a time!

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Dec 26, 2021

As a special holiday treat this year, we have a live reading of the first FFXIII-2 novella, entitled Final Fantasy XIII -episode i-, which is the first chapter of the FFXIII-2: Fragments Before collection.

The official translation for this came with the Special Edition of FFXIII-2, and has been reproduced online here:

Dec 22, 2021

This episode was sponsored by CerebralWind, and Omega of CerebralWind joined us to talk about this decidedly NOT RPG.

You can find them on twitch at

BFBB Rehydrated is available on PS4, Switch, and PC.






Dec 18, 2021

In Eli's Last podcast as co-host, Maddy, Eli, and Sam rapid-fire review all 20 main games, and 15 of our bonus games, spending no longer than 3 minutes on each review.

There are also tons of other surprises in store on this PACKED episode, so definitely check it out.

Please continue to follow Eli's exploits here:

Dec 16, 2021

Sam and Bernard are here to let you in on a few updates, including what our next game for the podcast will be, since movie night has been delayed.

We've got a whole bunch of stuff coming at you before the year is done, so stay tuned!

Dec 13, 2021

This week: we beat the whole game!

Our next game voting is live! Check out our ko-fi at to vote!







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Year 4's Intro/Outro Music is "Trading Village of Redmont" from Ys III:...